Fort Weird

The Hold Intangible (Fort Weird Book 1)

Prom should be an evening filled with glamour, excitement and possibilities – and definitely not murder.

Morgan Moon was having the time of her life. She was finally coming out of her shell, and ready to take her relationship with her boyfriend to the next level. The moment never came. Instead, she was stabbed to death in the stairwell of the Fort Worth Diamond Hotel, the identity of her attacker a complete mystery.

But for Morgan, death is not the end.

When some people die, they come back as a Wraith, an immaterial being trapped to the location of their demise and seen only by a few. Over time, a Wraith will descend into cold despair, fading out until they disappear completely. The only way to stop the fade is to find purpose beyond death.

For Morgan, that purpose is simple: Who killed me?

Aided by an amulet-wielding witch, an old friend with an uncanny amount of luck, and a devilishly cute Wraith named Oscar, Morgan must search the hotel and put the pieces together to find her killer – before he strikes again.

The Hold Intangible releases June 6th 2018, only on Amazon!

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