Postmortem Anomalies

High school is no place for the undead.

While every other student is concerned with test scores and social circles, Zaul Jarreux is just trying to make it through the day without eating anyone. Gray-skinned and hairless, he needs a meticulous makeup job and wig to appear normal. He needs black market pills called Mortetine to keep his monstrous urges in check. Fitting in is a lot harder when you’re technically dead.

His condition comes from a mutation of the undead virus that almost consumed North America 100 years ago. The zombies are gone, but the bastard breed of Hybrid Reanimates remains. Dead at puberty and resurrected with no memory of their former humanity, these cursed beings are constantly driven by violent Rage, uncontrollable Lust, and the Hunger for human flesh. Hybrids are hated and feared by all.

So unless Zaul wants death or government containment, he must keep his despicable nature a secret. And he’s been preparing for his first day of school, relearning how to talk and walk, finding ways to suppress his despicable impulses – a myriad of lessons and rules given by the mysterious man who’s kept him confined in a basement for years.

But there’s one lesson he was never taught: How to make a connection. Genny, a troubled human with a secret of her own, is about to give him a crash course.

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