About the Author


What can one say about Josiah Upton that hasn’t already been said in The New York Times, USA Today or Time Magazine?

A lot, actually, because you won’t even find him in a local newspaper or blog. The best kept secret in the world of indie books, Josiah Upton is a man in his 30’s writing fiction for teens, and for people who never let their teenage spirit die. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his three hurricanes disguised as sons.

He also enjoys metal music (ranging from Nü to Brütal), the Marvel Cinematic Universe (who doesn’t?), and awesome TV shows, plus deep conversation, long walks on the beach, getting in touch with his feminine side, and other cliches. You can learn more about Josiah… on the website you’re already at. Seriously, take a tour, make yourself at home. Mi website es su website.