Hey Everybody! It’s Thirsty… Wednesday?

2017-1427 Josiah Upton B02

Witches. Leprechauns. Ghosts. Vampires. Nazis. This book has it all. The Thirst Eternal has finally arrived (and despite my doubts, on schedule!). This blood-soaked bad-boy is the second installment in my teen paranormal fantasy series Fort Weird – but in reality, its conceptual roots started long before I even brainstormed Book 1.

While working on my last series, I had the idea for a short story about a concentration camp inmate who becomes a vampire by tragic circumstance, then rips into a bunch of evil Nazis and frees everyone else. The narrative was to be told by the sole surviving SS officer explaining the violent events to the American soldiers arriving to liberate the empty camp, only to reveal at the end that the Nazi was the vampire prisoner in disguise, sticking around to make sure his story was told. The idea was spurred on by my love of supernatural horror and my fascination with the European theater in WWII. A sort of Rob Zombie-esque mash-up, like his Werewolf Women of the SS trailer – but in written form (and minus all the sexploitation!). I never actually wrote the thing, and nearly forgot about it.

Fast-forward to when I’m working on The Hold Intangible and trying to line up ducks for the sequel. Since ghosts were the focus of that book, I decided to shift to vampires for the next. And then the light bulb came on: “Hey, I can use that Nazi vampire thingy!” The result is the story of Eugene Blumbaum, a young Fort Worth pilot shot down and taken captive in a Nazi labor camp hidden in the Transylvanian woods. It was little bit of a challenge marrying that to the present-day story where The Hold Intangible left off, but I cooked up some ideas and Frankenstein’d the two narratives together… (Hmm, Frankenstein – the focus for a future book?)

If you can dig all that, then I highly suggest snagging this tale and putting it in your virtual library. But you’ll have to have read the first book in the series, right? Right now The Hold Intangible is on sale for only 99 cents! Get it, read it, then grab her brother The Thirst Eternal by the fangs.

Both books are free to read in the Kindle Unlimited program as well.

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