Postmortem Anomalies Now In Paperback

For thousands of years, when someone wanted to hear a story, they would gather around the fire and listen to the elder spin his yarn, or exchange fantastic tales as they tended the field or hunted game. Then someone got the bright idea to transport these stories to paper – first, only for the eyes of the elite few, then mass produced for the common man. Books were a staple of humanity for centuries.

Then technology pushed it further, publishing the ideas of creative minds into digital form. Strings of code rearranged to paint epic quests, tragic romances, pertinent research, or simple banal correspondence, onto bright screens big and small. It’s happening right now as you read this.

100 years from now, who knows what form storytelling will take: direct neural connection? Digital films auto-generated from a manuscript and an algorithm? What about 1,000 years after that? A connected, immersive consciousness, humanity sharing in an ever-changing landscape of fiction and education? The possibilities are endless.

But sometimes, it’s good to take a step back. Maybe we won’t sit around the tribal fire to hear the elder’s saga again (though swapping stories around a campfire still sounds sublime), but I believe there’s still a place in this world for inked words on slices of dead tree.

So why, you ask, did I just run you through that bloated, pretentious history of storytelling? To let you know that all three books in my self-published teen zombie trilogy are now available in print from Amazon!

If you want to read the complete story of an undead boy finding his place in humanity, but don’t want to sacrifice the sensation of physically holding a book, your anxieties can be put to rest. Plus, they make great gifts – or at the very least a good set of coasters. Here you go:

Sons of Sludge

Daughters of Death

Offspring of The End

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